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The One-Verse Witness offers some of our images with short commentaries, to ease personal Evangelism/Soul-Winning efforts. It is perfect as a Quick Reference Book to share the Good News of Salvation with an unbeliever, and also ideal as an Introductory Book for those who desire to become followers of our Lord, Jesus Christ. All eBooks on our website are made available free of charge by Divine Literature International.  Feel free to share this eBook as needed!

*Recommended PDF Reader Mobile App: You will need a good PDF Reader app on your mobile device to view and interact with these eBooks. Download the Adobe Acrobat Reader mobile app for free. Download the app here for your iPad, iPhone, or here for your Android device. 


(Suitable for Personal Evangelism/Soul-Winning Efforts)

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English US-One Verse Witness.jpg
English (US)  Available
English UK-One Verse Witness.jpg
English (UK)  Available
Français-Le témoin d’un seul
Français  Disponible
Português-A Testemunha de Versículo Ú
Português  Disponível em breve
Italiano-Il testimone di un versetto.jpg
Italiano  Disponibile a breve
Türkçe-Tek Ayet Tanık.jpg
Norwegian-Vitnet av ett vers.jpg
Norwegian  Snart tilgjengelig
Deutsch-Der Ein Vers Zeuge.jpg
Deutsch  Bald verfügbar
Nederlands-De ene vers getuige.jpg
Nederlands  Binnenkort beschikbaar
Afrikaans  Binnekort beskikbaar
Esperanto  Havebla baldaŭ
Pусский-Один Стих Свидетель.jpg
Czech  Brzy k dispozici 
Croatian  Dostupno uskoro
Hungarian  Hamarosan elérhető
Danish  Snart Tilgængelig
Finnish  Saatavilla pian
Indonesian  Segera Tersedia

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Dove Letter Zone is a Christian faith-based endeavor in partnership with our Evangelism Ministry - Divine Literature International. Our mission is to spread the Good News from the One and only Living GOD to people of all nations, and help them discover meaning and purpose in a dark, broken, and confused world. All images are free, and can be downloaded or shared anywhere for personal, educational, or other non-commercial purposes only. No subscription or registration is required to download or share them.  Our Multilingual Evangelism E-Books (One-Verse Witness) are also available for your personal use. 

Images are original, and designed to keep users' focus on the Word.

IMPORTANT NOTICE*  While our images and e-books are free for use by anyone, the messages conveyed through them will only be of benefit to a follower of Jesus Christ, or a person who desires to become one.  We invite you to receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal Savior today, to experience the presence of the One and Only Living God in your daily life. Read or download our Meet Jesus, Repentance, Salvation Images or The One-Verse Witness Free eBook for more on the importance of making this very crucial decision, and then visit our Salvation Page to take just two simple steps to Jesus Christ.  Your life will never be the same! 

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